Most Useful Apps in China
March 28

Most Useful Apps in China

This app allows you to pay at shops, restaurants, bars and online stores. After you downloaded the app you have to connect it with your Chinese bank card.

The most popular chatting app in China, you can call, send messages, pay at restaurants and shops, transfer money, connect with other users and book tickets

This translation app with a build-in Chinese Character recognizing system can scan any Chinese texts and translate it automatically in English.

Google's free service instantly translates words, phrases and web pages between English and over 100 other languages.

This app is like a Chinese Uber version. Enter your destination and select the type of car service you wish to use. Payment is possible via Alipay / WeChat Pay.

Bike sharing service; simply install the app, scan the QR code on the bike and explore the city. 1 hour riding costs 1RMB.

Bike sharing service similar to Ofo. Download the app, scan the QR code on the bike and start riding. 1hour riding costs 1RMB.

If you like to travel we highly suggest you to download the CTrip app. You can book train tickets, plane tickets and hotels.

The ultimate guide for Shanghai Expats; provides housing, job vacancies, restaurant and bar reviews and the latest news about Shanghai.

This is the Amazon of China. This website offers everything you need. You can pay via credit card or Alipay. is the Chinese version of Sherpas. A chinese food delivery giant with a choice of more than thousands of local restaurants in Shanghai. Payment is done via Alipay or WeChat.

Getting food delivered right to your door (or anywhere else you might happen to be) is easier than ever. The app is available in English and it is focusing on international restaurants. Payment is done via Alipay, WeChat and cash upon delivery.

An online grocery store that is owned by Alibaba and delivers fresh food within 30 minutes. Hema offers high quality food such as fresh seafood, meat, vegetables, dairy products and beverages. Payment is done via Alipay.

Epermarket offers a wide variety of imported products from all over the world. The selection ranges from fresh meats and vegetables, to beverages and imported wines. WeChat, Alipay and Cash upon delivery.

Shanghai Metroman
Comprehensive metro map of Shanghai that can be used offline. You can put in your beginning and end station and the app will plan the quickest route for you. It also tells you how much it costs and how long your journey should take including transfer times. The app also features an offline map to view your current location.

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